How Old, Bold Pilots Survived

Let’s consider boldness. There is an old joke about how there are bold pilots, and there are old pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots. The idea is that boldness is risky. Better play it safe and do everything by the book. Only if it were that simple. In a crowded marketplace where companies

Inventing Your Way into Your IT Budget

What is the right way to budget for IT expenses? Consider the concepts of invention and innovation. Given your industry and how things are generally done out there, what can you do to bring something new to the table so that your customers will notice and delight in what you are giving them that they

The Fable of the Corner-Cutting Panacea

There is the old saying about being penny wise and pound foolish. This means losing track of the big picture and making decisions based on split-second considerations (as a rule, this typically follows the pattern of experiencing fear and making knee-jerk reactions to cut corners, in order to create a little bit of temporary financial

Your Employees Are Not Your Mentors

In considering how much to budget for IT expenses, listening to employee opinion is just about the worst thing you can do. As discussed previously, employees are not in any position to understand issues like branding, positioning, and innovation within the industry from a strategic point of view. That is your job as a business

Industry Averages or Copy-Paste Mediocrity?

A good example of effective excuse language includes reference to so-called industry averages. The thinking goes along these lines: So and so conducted a study and determined the average spending on IT expenses for your particular industry. And you look at your own budgets and conclude that your spending comes in under the industry average,

The Trap of the Precedent

In considering how to budget for IT expenses in a small business, it’s important to consider our tendencies to get trapped in patterns of precedent and tradition. The way things have been done is often what gets repeated. If previous patterns created mediocrity, the cause-effect relationship is often not obvious, so the tendency is to

Your Full Presence is Required

Being present and tuned in is important to succeed in life in general, and in choosing an IT consultant to work with. Remember to notice and weed out excuses. Excuses keep you stuck where you are, and if you feel you are in a mediocre space, that means you are stuck in mediocrity. Even if

Basic Practices for Profound Results

It is critically important to be present and tuned in to subtle clues to be successful. It benefits us tremendously to stay ever vigilant for excuses that try to sneak into our daily vocabulary of thought, that make us victims and drown out wiser thoughts available to us below the surface. We must observe others

Sages and Their Brutal Honesty

Let us consider the wisest people, the philosophers, the elders of different tribes and religious traditions, the people who are admired and respected the world over. They have mastered and left behind the mechanism of excuse-making. They become aware of universal laws by being present with their gut intuition and feelings. They continually stay present