I’m Enjoying My Life So Much!

As a small business owner committed to industry leadership, you want to have a work experience that is enjoyable and multidimensional. Key to this is maintaining our emotional state, which means enjoying life and keeping a positive attitude; sustaining a positive and cooperative relationship with everyone you work with, including the IT consultant; having reasonable

Yes, You Can Prevent a Breakup

Your relationship with the IT consultant is like a partnership that requires active effort from both sides to maintain it. It is inherently a high-trust situation in both directions. Any number of seemingly minor issues can fracture that trust. We have documented, based on 21 plus years of experience in the IT business, what can

We Are Out of Money

Cashflow-related budget pressures can create the temptation to get off track on IT plans. The problem is not the first corner cutting step—which often results in nothing consequential. It is like skipping having the oil changed as part of the maintenance plan for a car. The problem is the habit it creates, to keep cutting

When In Doubt, Zoom Out!

When discussions with your IT consultant feel bogged down in detail, feel free to zoom out and clarify what long-term outcomes all of this was designed is to create. That trumps all details. By having everyone present focus on the same long-term outcome, we are much more likely to quickly come to an agreed-on plan

We All Like to be Acknowledged

Anyone who receives a piece of communication about problems must acknowledge receiving it as soon as possible, even ahead of their considering how to solve the problem, or even before understanding the problem. This provides the sender of the communication peace of mind that at least the concern was received and can begin being processed.

Openness to Hearing Concerns

It is important to commit to being open about all concerns before they fester into more serious problems. Unaddressed issues rarely get better with the passage of time and can turn into a generalized sense of unease and mistrust. Since the relationship with your IT consultant is one built on trust, this means that not

Homework Before the Meeting

Both the IT consultant and the management team must prepare for meetings, including who will be guiding the agenda and meeting process. Business priorities are important. At the same time, the IT consultant may have ideas and suggestions that support the business. Both need the opportunity for expression. That is why both the management team

The Elephant in the Room

The number one reason why meetings between business owners and IT consultants fail is the metaphorical elephant in the room, some uncomfortable topic that neither the business owner nor the IT consultant wants to address head-on. The issue may be a looming cash flow crunch, a poorly handled situation that resulted in the client losing

Bridging the Gap to Having a True CTO

Unless you are a large enough company to hire an experienced full-time CTO, you will want your IT consultant to be a “concierge CTO” as much as possible, to insulate you from unnecessary technical mumbo jumbo. The IT professional has all the expertise necessary either to directly translate business objectives into technological solutions or to