Overcoming Unpredictable Chaos

As you grow your business, you want to have the confidence and certainty that the IT infrastructure you have in place has the capacity to handle any conceivable growth, or at least have easy expansion capabilities so that it can be easily upgraded to handle that growth. This confidence gives the business owner the freedom

The Paradox of the IT Transition

Sometimes we fall in love with the IT consultant, and then fall out of love, and it is beyond repair. Then it is time to make a change. It is time to bring in a new consultant. But can your business survive the transition? It sometimes seems like a monumental event to transition from one

The Ideal IT and Network Setup

It is hard to keep your attention on business if you do not trust your foundation. When you have random glitches, and there is no end in sight, it can become distracting. It can be outright traumatic when we get into productive momentum and start producing good material, only to be foiled by a glitch

Running a Tight Ship

Setting a culture of high standards is essential to get a company to the point where it is running a tight ship,[1] on a trajectory of massive growth, with the flexibility to adapt to day-to-day changes that are unavoidable in a dynamic modern economy. As the owner of a company, you are committed to being

Human Work is for Humans

Improved IT infrastructure frees management attention to focus properly on business growth instead of wasting time on operational problems that could be computerized. The trend is for whatever can be automated to become automated. This begins with the lowest-cost optimizations and then moves to everything else that can eventually be automated. Being aware of this

Lightening-Fast Execution

Improved IT infrastructure provides business management with a vast increase in the speed at which the implementation of business decisions can be executed. Fundamentally, the more the business is computerized, the more adjustments travel literally at the speed of light. There is some delay in actually getting the changes put into place, certainly, but as

Start with the Low-Hanging Fruit

Improving IT infrastructure is almost always the lowest-hanging fruit by which small business can improve operations if they have not already established a well-architected system. There is a common denominator, which is the standard of mediocrity that all businesses in a given industry will have more or less implemented. Then there are additional features and

Digital Foundations are Fundamental

IT infrastructure is the primary means by which all communications flow. Since the early 21st century, all remote communications, whether by video or voice or text, has been digital, and transferred through digital means, which means computer networks and computerized data switches. Digital communications fabrics have become the all-purpose communications media, and this is not

The Universal Communication Medium

IT infrastructure spans many aspects that affect how employees coordinate their activities with each other. For example, let’s consider communications. Email is a major avenue for communications. So is the telephone. There is also text messaging. Additionally, there is a myriad of chat and social media applications, some used by business for internal communications. A