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Excerpt #2 from Chapter 1 of Do Not Hire an I.T. Consultant without Reading This Book

Quite simply, the more you actualize your potential, the more you can experience adventure and fun things in life, personal growth, meaning, and let’s not forget materialistic stuff. Some people condemn or complain about the soulessness of chasing after material things. But the people who do, are the ones who have failed to attain, and

Deadlines and Feeling Bad

Deadlines and schedules are absolutely essential tools to get objectives completed in time and on budget. Without these tools, a simple goal could end up becoming an open-ended process eating resources far beyond the expected returns on investment. At the same time, we must not forget that they are merely tools. Sometimes, deadlines are missed,

Investing in Relationships

Having spent extensive time networking, attending seminars and conferences, and building a network, I have learned firsthand, the value of network building. Before I got into networking and building relationships, I prided myself on my self-sufficiency. No matter what the issue, I felt I could pick up some books, look up how-to type guides on

Lessons from the Mojave Desert

Being that I am on a road trip with the opportunities to visit interesting places, we will dive into some lessons based on experiences I had visiting the Mojave Desert and camping out along the Great Southern Overland Stage Route. I had last visited this area when I was in my early teens and felt

Lessons from the Solar Eclipse

Excited about witnessing the total eclipse of the sun, I made arrangements to be in Oregon, barely giving myself enough time (I thought) to get there, given all the anticipated traffic. The experience unfolded in a way that was entirely different from what I had expected, and witnessing the total eclipse of the sun near

Welcome to the I.T. Industry Blog I.T. Industry Blog Welcome to my new blog. I will be covering subjects such as: Understanding common I.T. issues and ideas – explained in plain Business English Strategies for business owners to work more effectively with I.T. professionals Resources, opportunities, and ideas for I.T. professionals Commentary on I.T. industry trends as they may affect