Month: August 2017

Lessons from the Mojave Desert

Being that I am on a road trip with the opportunities to visit interesting places, we will dive into some lessons based on experiences I had visiting the Mojave Desert and camping out along the Great Southern Overland Stage Route. I had last visited this area when I was in my early teens and felt

Lessons from the Solar Eclipse

Excited about witnessing the total eclipse of the sun, I made arrangements to be in Oregon, barely giving myself enough time (I thought) to get there, given all the anticipated traffic. The experience unfolded in a way that was entirely different from what I had expected, and witnessing the total eclipse of the sun near

Trust Affects the Willingness to Invest

In operating an I.T. service business for over two decades, I have observed a tendency for some clients to hesitate on making investments that are necessary to keep their network infrastructure current and as secure as possible. They explain their hesitation in a way that sounds logical on the face of it. Some examples are: