Design Network. We examine business needs and customize and adjust your network to fit those needs. Basic consultation and overview level recommendation is provided free of charge. After the overview recommendation and discussion, we prepare a detailed project plan based on parameters set during the discussions.
Upgrade Network. We have the capability to analyze an existing network, and recommend ways to bring it up to date, taking into account the need to optimize it for current business needs in taking advantage of up-to-date technology.
Install Network. We can install a new network from scratch for the main office, or for any existing or new branch offices, and tie it back into the main office. We can install a new network startig with nothing, or or install a new network to replace the old one with minimal disruption to production while the work is in progress.
Advanced Troubleshooting. For issues which cannot be addressed through regular support channels, we have the capability to handle advanced troubleshooting projects generally on short notice. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may be able to handle it remotely through our Instant Support system, or come onsite.

Backup Support and Maintenance Resource. Once we have set up or upgraded your network, and have passed the responsibilities of daily management and support to your normal resources, we can be available to cover for exceptional circumstances when they are temporarily unable to attend to their functions, or as a bridge, until a new person or vendor can be put into place.
Consolidate Servers. We can take many older physically separate servers and consolidate them into a smaller number of physical machines using virtualization technology.

Keep Technology Relevant. We can monitor your company's use of technology and help you to making sure you are using relevant and appropriate technologies to support your business growth.