High Availability. Very high server availability is achieved by use of VMware virtualization technology and other advanced technologies and techniques.
Enforced Security Policies. Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs are essential but not enough to keep unwanted programs out of systems. While no system is 100% secure, setting and enforcing security policies can make even minor security breaches a rare event.
Performance-Oriented Data Replication. By putting information close to where it is needed, branch offices can enjoy increased performance.
Offsite Backup. By routinely backing up important files to an off-site server, the business has the ability to recover its operations even if the main servers are lost due to fire or theft.
Data Snapshots. Giving users the ability to retrieve older versions of files and folders prevents loss of productivity from accidentally deleted or modified files.
Storage Area Network. A SAN provides a reliable method of centralizing and consolidating storage, especially when a network has multiple servers. A SAN can be replicated, providing even greater availability.
Virtual Private Network. Multiple locations and even home office workers can be connected to main company network, in a secure and persistent way with VPN technology. We do this by setting up a point-to-point redundant connection between each remote computer and the physically secured main network.